What We Do?

We are here and do exist to support policy-makers in the food and agriculture field, and contribute information, data, and expertise-based needs of all the related parties.

  • We do afraid and refrain from what we do not know. We do not have enough information and awareness on Turkey’s agriculture, and we have not yet introduced with right utilization and processing in agriculture. We are distancing ourselves from technology with a predisposition against innovative approaches. To our understanding, it is impossible to find solutions to our basic necessities without objective data. We do produce right, trustworthy, and objective information (data) for producers, processors, and consumers. Please check our content:
  • It is hard to succeed with deaf ears to modern expertise and experience around the World. For us, to adopt a farsighted vision we need to work with an open mind. We conduct trusted long-term projections on the basis of data and practical needs. We do present concrete solution alternatives with running impact assessments and comparative models:

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  • Policies do exist to solve common problems. Much can be achieved with the right methods and rational arrangements. In our opinion, solutions should not be expected only from the owners of words and authority. We work in the field, not just at the desk. We bring together all parties willing to contribute to agricultural and food policies. We do not only pursue the current agenda, but also open space for real discussions. Changing its agenda each year, learn more about Turkey’s biggest food and nutrition gathering.

1. Gıda ve Beslenme Konferansı

2. Tarım Gıda ve Beslenme Politikaları Zirvesi

See the agenda (content) and register the 3rd Agriculture and Food Policy Conference event on Nob. 5-6, which will take place in Adana: www.gift2019.org

  • We need to plan and coordinate intervention actions to solve common problems. In our opinion, if we learn and practice the “acting together”, we can influence the decision makers in line with our expectations. We put the common demands of producers, processors and consumers on the agenda of decision makers: