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Sources of Finance

As GIFT, we’re both actively participating in management and decision making processes and putting emphasis on the variety, transparency and accountability of our sources. By this time, GIFT’ve gotten the funds as sources to continue our unique activities. To date, we have provided funding through the following sources; we will continue our activities by using these resources in the future.


(1) Financial aid and support from the European Union

(2) Financial aid and support from International Organizations

(3) Financial aid and support from Foreign Missions

(4) Grants and supports for economic and agricultural development

(5) Project and initiative-based sponsorships

(6) Sponsorships for conferences, workshops and other related activities

(7) Supports provided for scientific research and studies


The distribution of our resources in the years between 2018-2019 is as follows:

As GIFT, we’re minimizing our personnel, management and administrative expenses. Our initial aim in using our resources; using funds for researches, projects and advocacy activities in the field of food and agriculture. In line with this purpose, instead of employing permanent management and administrative personnel, we adopt project-based flexible employment model in line with the main objectives of our resources and projects and works.


 Our current and potential expense items are categorized as follows:

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Our Values


Our Methods


Advisory Board