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The Food, Beverage and Agricultural Policy Research Center (GIFT) is a non-governmental organization based in Ankara, established to meet the information needs of stakeholders and policy-makers in the field of agriculture and food. Individuals and institutions that adopt GIFT’s values ​​and priorities may apply for membership. There are two options to be as a member of GIFT; Premium and free membership.


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Membership GIFT Board of Management X
Right of Vote in GIFT General Assembly X
Participation in GIFT General Assembly
Organize workshops, seminars with GIFT X
Digital Media Apparency in GIFT Umbrella X
Free of Charge Participation in GIFT’s activities and conferences
Free of Charge Sponsorship in GIFT’s activities and conferences X
Participate in GIFT Committee and Presidency X
Participate in GIFT foreign committee X
Participate in GIFT Ministry visitation X
Official representation at the Ministry meetings on behalf of GİFT X


For more information about paid membership, please contact.